2018 ‘Landscape Painting’, YoungHeuong-do, Incheon, KR

2017 ‘Oil Painting’, Al Balad, Jeddah, SA

2016 'The Way To Freedom Square', Revolution Square, Freedom Square in Tehran, IR

2015 ‘Perpetual Negotiation’, Sappo Paper Mill, ME, US

2014 ‘Water Square’, Old Town in Winterthur, CH

2014 ‘FACTORyAL LANDSCAPE’, Grindelwald, CH

2014 ‘Lowering of Missouri River’, Nebraska City, US

2013 ‘My Safe Swimming Zone’, Pacific Beach, San-Diego, US

2013 ‘The Missed Scenery and The Missed Event’, Fulong Beach, New Taipei City, TW

2013 ‘Reversing the Summer’, Sandong-Myun, Gumi, KR

2013 ‘Rain Drop in the Bunker’, Bunker in Partei-Schule, Erfurt, DE

2012 ‘Adver/statement’, LIDL Supermarket, Chania, GR

2012 ‘Monument for the Screams’, Weimar, DE

2011 ‘A View of the Waterfall and Palm Trees’, Seoul, KR

2010 ‘Speaking House’, Connecticut, US



2019 ‘Landscape Painting’, Incheon Art Platform, KR

2014 “FACTORyAL LANDSCAPE’, Villa Sträuli, Winterthur, CH

2007 ‘Heart Attack’, Noam Gallery, Seoul, KR

2006 ‘BOONG’, Gallery in MMCA Chang-dong International Art Studio Korea, Seoul, KR



2019 ‘STUDIO 100’, Gaswerk, Weimar, DE

2019 ‘IMAGINARY BAUHAUS MUSEUM’, Schiller-Museum, Weimar, DE

2018 Video Screening, Hotbed, Seoul, KR

2017 ‘Into Thin Air’, Galley SC, Zagrab, HR

2017 ‘Due South’, The Delaware Contemporary, DE, US

2017 ‘Rising’, Pale Blue Dot Collective, St. John Church, London, UK

2017 ‘Vanished Land’, Academie Graz, AT 

2017 ‘Architecture Invisible’, The Swiss Church London, UK

2017 VES Film Screening, Carpenter Center Film Archive, Cambridge, US

2016 Lower Austria Cultural Prize Exhibition, DOK Documentation Centre for Modern Art, St. Pölten, AT

2016 RAPID PULSE International Performance Art Festival, DEFIBRILLATOR Gallery, Chicago, US

2016 BAM Project, Mohsen Gallery, Tehran, IR

2016 ‘The Missed Scenery and The Missed Event’, VIDEO OF THE MONTH, dasweissehaus, Vienna, AT

2016  The 1st 'Art Safiental', Safiental, CH

2015 Berliner Herbstsalon: IMAGINARY BAUHAUS MUSEUM GOES GORKI, MaximGorki Theater, Berlin,DE

2015 Connected in Art, Künstlerhaus Schloss Plüschow, DE

2014 IV Moscow International Biennale for Young Art 'A Time For Dreams', curated by David Elliott, Museum of Moscow, RU

2014 GLOBAL (CON)TEMPORARY, Fluc, curated by Ursula Maria Probst, Vienna, AT

2014 KulturKontakt Austria, Ausstellungraum des Bundeskanzleramtes, Vienna, AT

2014 Transcendental Translations of Today, Schloss Laudon, Vienna, AT

2014 „Aus dem Off“ #1, curated by Patricia Bianchi, Winterthur, CH

2014 ‘Illuminate The Darkness’, Viehauktionshalle Weimar, DE

2014 ‘WE ARE ALL PUBLIC”, OMA, Weimar, DE

2013 ‘(Un)disciplined Body, Partei-Schule, Erfurt, DE

2012 ‘EXCHAGE’, Goethe Institute, Athens, GR

2012 ‘At the End of the World’, Marke 6. Neues Museum,Weimar, DE

2012 ‘EXCHAGE’, Broadway Passage, Athens, GR

2012 ‘Was Tun?’, Koelleda City Radio Museum, DE

2012 ‘3003 Studio Exhibition’, Xian, CN

2011 ‘ANIMATUS’ Make Shop Art Space, Paju, Gyunggi, KR

2010 ‘Did not mean it’, IMART Gallery, Seoul, KR - 2person Exhibition

2010 ‘Voyage to the Polygon Island’ Gallery Ian, Seoul, KR

2009 Taewha River International Eco Art Festival, Ulsan, KR

2009 ‘Storming Party in Art Museum’, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul, KR

2008 ‘Long Shamp Show’, Won Gallery, Seoul, KR

2007 ‘Movement and repetition’, Gwan-Hoon Gallery, Seoul, KR

2007 ‘Museum is a Park’, North Junra Museum, KR

2007 ‘Critical Mass’, GwanHoon Gallery, Seoul, KR

2006 ‘Funny Painting Funny Sculpture V’, Gallary SeJul, Seoul, KR

2006 ‘Hadaeri Summer Art Festival’, Hyungsung, Gangwondo, KR

2004 ‘The Cake Project’, The Stage, GwangJu Art Museum, Gwangju, KR

2004 ‘Open and Fever’, Gallery Woo-Deuck, Seoul, KR

2004 ‘A Traveler’s Journal of Guliber’, Museum of Seung-Gok, Seoul, KR

2004 ‘Parti-tion’, Gallery Insa Art-plaza, Seoul, KR

2003 ‘Drawing is Like... ‘, Art Space Hue, Seoul, KR



2018 ‘Heon-In Project’, BRRRT Platform, Heon- In Village, Seoul, KR (Brrrt)

2014 ‘Illuminate The Darkness’, Viehauktionshalle Weimar, DE

2014 ‘The International Tolerance Agreement on July 9th,1672’, Kromsdorf Schloss, DE



2016 Krems Artist in Residence Program Niederösterreich, Krems, AT

2016 Kooshk Artist Residency, Tehran, IR

2014 Artists in Residence Kuenstlerhaus Schloss Plüschow, DE

2014 Residence-Program offered by BMUKK in cooperation with KulturKontakt Austria, Vienna

2014 Villa Sträuli Winterthur, CH

2006 MMCA Changdong International Artists Studio, National Museum of Contemporary Art, KR



2019 Seoul Cultural Foundation, Social Project Fellowship (Brrrt*)

2019 Incheon Foundation of Art and Culture, Art Support Fellowship, 2nd year Support

2018 Incheon Foundation of Art and Culture, Art Support Fellowship

2018 Seoul Cultural Foundation, Social Project Fellowship (Brrrt*)

2017 Styria-AIR Scholarship

2016 Dave Bown Projects 12th Competetion Award of Excellence

2016 Arts Council Korea Funds Fellowship for Cultural Exchange

2016 KARA Award

2016 Krems-AIR Stipend Niederösterreich

2016 Alps Art Academy Scholarship

2015 Skowhegan School of Painting & Sculpture Fellowship

2014 Arts Council Korea Funds Fellowship for Artists Residency Participation

2014 Incheon Foundation for Arts & Culture, Cultural Competence Program Fellowship

2014 Mecklenburgisches Fellowship

2014 BMUKK Residency Grant

2014 Sulzberg Foundation Stipend

2013 Kreativfonds for Nachwoch, Weimar, Germany

2013 Korean Artists Welfare Foundation, Creative Preparation Fellowship

2013 Kimmel Harding Nelson Center for the Arts Transitional Artist Award

2013 Bauhaus Scholarship for Art and Design Degree Programme student

2011 Arts Council Korea Funds Fellowship for Artists Residency Participation

2010 I –park Foundation Travel Grant

2007 Arts Council Korea Funds Fellowship for Emerging Artist

1999 – 2002 Seoul National University Scholarship, Inhwa Foundation Scholarship



2019 Talk ‘Missed Scenery and Missed Event’. MIND PALACE, New Bauhaus Museum, DE

2019 Artist Talk, Department of Visual and Technological Arts, SVIAS Eastern University, Sri Lanka

2017 Talk in 'Performance and Video Production' class, Museum School of Fine Art, Boston, US

2016 Talk ‘Land Art’, Convention "KUNST +Wald", Kunstverein Stadl-Predlitz, AT

2016 Artist Talk, Rybon Art Center, Tehran, IR

2016 Artist Talk, Studio Gao, Tianjin, CN

2015 Artist Talk and Video presentation, Gallery Augusta, Helsinki, FI

2014 Artist Talk and Video presentation, Gallery Arbenz, Zürich, CH

2014 ‘MEET THE ARTIST’, Artist Talk at Villa Straeuli, Winterthur, CH

2013 Artist Talk, Kimmel Harding Nelson Center for the Arts, Nebraska, US

2012 Presentation ‘Miniments’, XXVII International Festival Sarajevo, BKC, Sarajevo, BA

2012 Project Presentation in Goethe Institute, Athens, GR

2010 Artist Talk in Open Studio, I-Park Residency, Connecticut, US

2008 Artist Talk in Seoul National University, Workshop by Prof. OH, KR

2006 ‘Conversation with Artists’ in Changdong International Artists Studio, National Museum of  

          Contemporary Art Korea with Art Critic Kho,Chung-Hwan, KR



2016 Symposium IMPACT16, PACT Zollverein, Essen, DE

2016 1st Alps Art Academy Participation, Versam, CH

2013 ‘Border City-San Diego and Tijuana’, Workshop by Prof. Teddy Cruz in UCSD, US, MX

2013 ‘FORMER WEST’ conference ‘Learning Place’ participation, HKW in Berlin, DE



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National Center of Contemporary Arts in Moscow, RU



2015 Skowhegan School of Painting & Sculpture, ME, US

2014 Bauhaus-Universität, M.F.A in Public Art and New Artistic Strategies, Weimar, Germany 

2006 Seoul National University, M.F.A. in Sculpture, Seoul, Korea 

2003 Seoul National University, B.F.A. in Sculpture, Seoul, Korea